What is NET Connect?

NET Connect is a second screen application that designed for user frequently connect their devices(such as smartphone) to NET TV's daily program.

By using NET Connect, viewers can get new insights into NET TV's show, giving feedback for every shows and join various activities with other viewers with only a tap of finger.


 What is Clap and Boo? How to use it?

  • Hold on image program area
  • You can see there are 2 buttons, love button and broken heart button
  • Tap repeatedly love button if you love the show
  • But if you tap the broken heart button, then we’ll be sad :(


What is Verified Phone Number?

 We created the Verified user process to make sure you are a real human


How do I verify my phone number?

To verify your phone number:


  • Click Setting icon
  • Select edit profile button 
  • Submit your active phone number
  • We'll send you a 4-digit code via an SMS message, enter the code and click Verify
  • If you don’t see a confirmation message, try editing your phone number.



How do I change what I'm notified about?

  • Click Setting button on the upper right corner on the homepage
  • Select your favorite show by clicking the ‘Star’ button on each show, if it's yellow then you will receive all notification from the show you've selected. If it's white, you will not receive a notification about it.


I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

You can get in touch by email us at